Historien bag I.C.O.N.

Det hele startede som en vision i 2002. To eksperter som allerede arbejdede med og i saloner, fra forskellige kulturer og kontinenter, gik sammen og skabte et fremtids-tænkende firma - I.C.O.N.


“It is our promise to provide products that are needed, rather than trendy. We’re about beauty that lasts. Each formula is painstakingly crafted, then hand-tested. Nothing goes to our stylists or to consumers without meeting I.C.O.N.’s standards.”- Chiara

Chiara is an artist when it comes to hair, first as a stylist and then in the research and development of new artistic products. Inside the I.C.O.N. lab and salon, she hand-tests each formula until it exceeds expectations, both hers and the industry's. Her forward-looking educational programs are designed to deliver information to salons and stylists worldwide. And her creative vision can be seen in every aspect of I.C.O.N. from product to collections and more.


“The beauty industry had become too much of a commodity. We wanted to bring it back to its truest self: where quality, performance and the highest of standards is the rule, not the exception. That’s just good business–no, that’s GREAT business.”- Jorge

A successful salon owner and businessman, Jorge has an inside view into the workings of the professional salon industry. He has pioneered philosophies such as masstige and new-nique, always fusing creative and business in order to elevate the success of each salon. His personal motto has always been to start doing today that will matter most tomorrow and in doing so, consistently captures the attention of new consumers and creates a truly memorable experience, inside and outside the salon.